Yippee Ki Yay Michael Myers

Written by on October 20, 2021

In this episode Jeff and Cory try to wrap their heads around the many timelines and continuity shifts of the Halloween franchise. The iconic film series that started the slasher horror genre has stopped and restarted quite a few time in its storied 40+ year run. Our hosts try to make sense of it all so you don’t end up lost in the woods trying to figure out what end is up. They’ll try there best to take you through 13 films, 3 main timelines, 3 sets of trilogies, 1 reboot, 1 totally unconnected film, countless white Shatner masks, and 3 separate films all with the same title. This is your guide to the many fractured timelines of Halloween that may be just as scattershot as the franchise itself. Grab your popcorn and lets take a stab into the most iconic horror movie series ever made.

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