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This week Super Time Computer Al gives our hosts a request from an iTunes review that takes them way back to the year that hasn’t ended yet. That’s right Jeff and Cory explore the 2018 Best Picture nominees. Along the way Cory discovers that Disney owned properties make up the bulk of the top box […]

Rocky vs. Network vs. All the President’s Men In Part 2 of this week’s show, our hosts run the Best Picture nominees and alternates from 1977 through their patented 5- finger metric. Does Sylvester Stallone’s every-man sports film have the stamina to hold onto its Oscar? Will time prove another film was more worthy? Has […]

This week Super Time Computer Al sends our host to a year when the worst blizzard in U.S. history hit Buffalo, the world lost a king on his throne, and the nation celebrated a second 100 years of being great…again. Jeff and Cory dig deep into a list of movies created before their births to […]

With Al in the computer hospital, we invite our friend and entertainment expert Vanessa to guest host with us. This week Jeff shakes up our format and suggests a top 10 list. Inspired by the great soundtrack to late Burt Reynolds classic, Boogie Nights, we explore the best original songs from some of the worst […]

American Beauty vs. The Sixth Sense vs. Fight Club This week Super Time Computer Al sends our hosts to a year when there was an impeachment of a President, a school shooting rocked the country, and a viral web campaign was passing off fiction as truth. Clearly so much has changed since 1999. Along the […]

Crash v Brokeback Mountain v Good Night, and Good Luck This week Al takes our hosts to a time when Vice Presidents were shooting people in the face, Michael Jackson was found to have not touched those kids, and Crash became the least decorated Academy movie since Rocky to win Best Picture. That’s right, 2005-2006. […]

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