Academy Award Worthy Soundtracks, Found in Bad Movies

Written by on September 17, 2018

With Al in the computer hospital, we invite our friend and entertainment expert Vanessa to guest host with us. This week Jeff shakes up our format and suggests a top 10 list. Inspired by the great soundtrack to late Burt Reynolds classic, Boogie Nights, we explore the best original songs from some of the worst films. These are the songs that become the reason we go back to such terrible movies as Mannequin, Con Air, Space jam and more. Cory nails a version of a song by Starship. Jeff discovers the real origins of the television show Sex and the City; and our guest Vanessa probably regrets the whole thing. Along the way they all discover that Diane Warren is the most prolific Academy song writer as they compile the most definitive list about great songs from garbage movies. You can’t argue it, it’s science. Find out who tops our list and whether or not we find a way to switch the envelope after all.

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