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If there is any form of entertainment Jeff and Cory love more than movies its sports, so on this episode our hosts uncover their picks for the most iconic sports movies. Movies that when you think of a sport perfectly encapsulate the drama, inspiration, and, at times, the reverence of that particular athletic pastime. So […]

On this episode hosts Jeff and Cory wonder if they can turn some mediocre films into cinematic classics by switching the lead actor.  Do you think our casting changes would make these movies better? Or are these movies great as they are?

The only thing we love as much as movies here at Switch the Envelope is trivia about movies. Put on your thinking caps with us as Jeff and Cory go head to head and put their  Rom-Com movie knowledge to the test. Can you out score our duo? It seems likely. Keep score at home […]

Sometimes in the entertainment industry certain performers catch lightning in a bottle and skyrocket to stardom with one project. The luckiest among them are able to ride that wave of popularity into a long revered career, while others never get a hit again. This week Jeff and Cory discuss those actors whose careers hit hard […]

Movies often take our attention spans for granted. Some tropes, plot leaps, and mcguffins used by filmmakers stretch the plausible suspension of disbelief. And when the viewer can’t justify something on screen there can be only one explanation, Because…Movies. on this first installment of Because…Movies, Jeff and Cory try to explain the unexplainable moments from […]

This week we answer questions sent in by you, Switches. Jeff and Cory settle debates about their favorite oscars, biggest snubs, and reveal how one oscars ceremony’s final moments inspired their name. You’ll find out how they really feel about the StE presents special episodes before they dive deep into dream casting a classic action […]

Meet the new year, same as the old year. After the horrors and anxiety of 2020, hopes were high for a fresh start to 2021. Six days in and it seems to have only escalated to much worse. Hope may be on the horizon, but until it comes we need a way to escape for […]

On this installment of Al’s Useless Hollywood Facts, Jeff and Cory track the legacy of 90s teen movies! Heralded as the last great era of teen movies, the 90s saw some of the most densely packed release calendars for their demographic. We’ll take you through the previous decades’ teen movies that led to the zenith […]

This week our hosts take a nostalgic trip down movie memory lane. They take a look back at some of their favorite movies from their youth and judge them through adult(-ish) eyes. From Bloodsport to The Wizard, which child hood favorites will stand the test of time. Slide on your old Walk Man headphones and […]

On this episode of Cinnovations we take you for a spin around one of the most technically complex and visually stunning advancements in set design, the rotating set! Its part practical effect, part camera trick, and part optical illusion and wholly an awesome feat of cinema magic. From its inception in the 1950s to modern […]

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