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On this episode we welcome Comedian and Hypothetical Comedy Creator, Funky Sam Medina to the show to talk about virtual stand up comedy shows and the connectivity the internet brings to a time when we’re all forced to isolate. Then, since Halloween is fast approaching, we beak down some of horror/thriller films most iconic and […]

On this episode Jeff and Cory visit the history of one of the simplest and most impactful practical effects in movies. From a 1955 Polish war film to modern day Hollywood, squibs have been used to increase the dramatic tension and bloody realism in films. Find out how they blasted onto the screen as we […]

What would Top Gun have been like without Tom Cruise? Many entered the casting room, but Tom Cruise prevailed, luckily for you we found some lost audition tapes. This episode we explore the what if’s of one of the greatest guy movies ever made.

On this episode of Switch the Envelope Presents Cinnovations, we (double) expose the wonder the Optical Printer. The world of modern visual effects with out this marvel of cinematic machinery developed over a century ago. We take you through its journey from a sophisticated film copier to the device that challenge what was possible visually […]

Welcome to the wonderful world of Al’s Useless Holly Facts! In this first installment, Al has put together a true tale of fictional con men, remakes, knights, and rockstars that spans five decades and goes from the method acting of Brando to the not-so-convincing accents of Hathaway. Enjoy the Hollywood facts, useless as they may […]

Welcome to our first Switch the Envelope presents Cinnovations, a look into the wonderful history of innovations in cinema. On this first installment we take you to the dawn of computer aided imagery in cinema, and the birth of computer generated animation.

On this week’s episode, Jeff and Cory put two of the biggest movie franchises to the test in a head to head match up for the ages. Jeff discovers some new tv shows during lock down, and Cory tries to sneak in a meal on mic.

On this week’s episode of Punch the Trunk, hosts Nikki and Lexi discuss the pitfalls of quarantine including how to iso-date, interacting with anti-maskers, and Lexi’s obsession with The Gilmore Girls. Lexi let’s Nikki know about her ultimate beverage and snack combo, and tries to convince her that tortilla chips covered in cold cheese are […]

Greetings Switches! In this episode hosts Jeff and Cory seek to settle a battle of two sci-fi franchises. Both are epic adventures, both span universes, both have spaceship battles, both have futuristic tech weaponry, and both…are owned by Disney. Thats right, which of Disney, cinematic step-children reigns supreme? Jeff and Cory will have to select […]

It’s the Riff Laff Network podcast cross over event of the….quarantine. Switch the Envelope host, Jeff, takes over the Sex with Candy podcast and has a chat with Nikki O., and her new co-host Lexi, to compare their lists of the best movies to watch during the nation’s stay at home order. Stay safe, wash […]

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