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Plastic Surgery has become more prevalent, creating a greater divide between natural beauty and the fictionalized Hollywood beauty people strive to achieve. We discuss this topic and more on Sex with Candy.

2013 Best Picture Part 2 Al and our hosts return this week to reveal which movie from 2012 deserved to have its name scrawled on the 2013 Best Picture envelope. After Cory eats crow about last weeks cummerbund mishap, and a few of Al’s Useless Hollywood Facts, we dive deep into our limited field of […]

With guest Jeff Lee (Switch the Envelope Podcast) As women, do we create unrealistic images of romance in our minds? Who is to blame for this wretched debacle of unending baffoonery? As we sit clutching to shows like Friends, maybe the blame rests with the creators of shows we love, but ultimately leave us feeling […]

Hey Switches! Here’s a bonus Lil’ Switchy where hosts Jeff and Cory each give you a few 30 second reviews of some of the latest movies on your favorite streaming services.

2013 BEST PICTURE PART 1 This week Jeff sent Al on a vacation, and with out his useless facts to get Cory to guess the year, our hosts try out a new segment and attempt to stump each other with 2012 movie trivia. Cory takes us Behind the Oscars and discover taht first time/last time […]

Part 2 #10-#1 On this episode we finish our countdown of the top 20 best Teen Movies. Find out which films take top honors and find out which films just missed the cut. Did your favorite teen movie make our list?

On our inaugural episode Nikki O. and Cornelius discuss the ever elusive and always exclusive topic of the female orgasm and the woman who fake it. Is faking it wrong? Are you messing things up by letting men think you climax to quickly? All these topics and more, on this episode of Sex with Candy!

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PART 1 #20-11 Summer is over and students are returning to classrooms everywhere. In honor of the return to the hallowed halls of learning we compiled our Top 20 Best (Back to School) Teen Movies. All the teenage drama, awkward moments, sports triumphs, acne, and more. This episode takes through the bottom 10. Part 2 […]

1986 Best Picture Part 2 This week our hosts get down to brass tacks about which movie really deserved the Academy Award for Best Picture in 1986. Will Out of Africa hold onto its award, will The Color Purple be vindicated after being shut out of any Oscar wins, or will a non-nominated modern classic […]

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