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1982 Best Original Score – Part 1 On this episode Jeff and Cory welcome Chris and Leslie Lott, hosts of Measuring the Score, to the podcast. Jeff and Cory had such a great time chatting with these two that we had to break the episode up into two parts (just like old times, Switches). On […]

In the aftermath of the murders at Greystone Mansion, the actions of the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Doheny Family cast doubt over whether this murder-suicide was a cruel tragedy or a fabrication to cover up a much more difficult and salacious action. Rumors of secret lovers, and evidence tampering hit the media like […]

With all the new announcements of sequels floating around Hollywood, Jeff and Cory explore the world of terrible sequels that were thankfully never made. From human-dinosaur hybrids in Jurassic Park 4 to a time traveling Gladiator, these movies would have been franchise killers. Not to be outdone by actual Hollywood, our host also pitch some […]

After receiving a call to report to the Doheny Mansion, early in the morning of February 17, 1929, Detective Leslie P. White found himself at the center of a tabloid, pulp murder, filled with unaswered questions, and left dealing with police department more interested in closing the case than finding answers.

This episode Jeff and Cory welcome the host of The Hollywood Dead, Vanessa McArdle, to the show. They chat a bit about her deep dive into tinsel town true crime and some of the lengths she went to research her first case. Then, in honor of the recent Friends reunion, the trio set Al to […]

Edward “Ned” Dohey Jr. was born into one of America’s wealthiest oil families, but his life was filled with tragedy. From the death of his birth mother, to the Teapot Dome scandal that nearly ruined his family during the height of their success. Ned Doheny Jr.’s life proved that money can’t buy happiness.

On this episode hosts Jeff and Cory, fed up with the unoriginal lazy Hollywood strategy of remaking old films, suggest an new approach: why remake one movie, when you can remake two simultaneously? Thats right, like peanut butter and jelly or hot pastrami and bologna, we’ve got pitches for perfectly paired movie mash-ups for a […]

In an era of glamour and corruption, fear strikes at the heart of the city. One podcast dares to shine a light on the dark mysteries of Hollywood’s past. From the case files of the LAPD, Riff Laff Media presents The Hollywood Dead podcast. Murder, deceit, and all the true crime from Tinseltown. I am […]

On this episode of Al’s Useless Hollywood Facts, our trusty time computer takes our hosts on a journey to a world that was all started with a mouse. The story behind the house that Walt built is more fiction than reality, and we learn about one unsung genius behind the genius that was really responsible […]

On this episode we welcome Oy With the WB host Brittany Stanley. We discuss her childhood tv watching habits that inspired her new podcast all about 90s/2000s shows on the WB. After our trek from Dawson’s Creek to Stars Hollow, Jeff challenges Cory and Britany to the toughest game of Switch the Envelope yet. Seeing […]

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