Greystone Mansion

In the aftermath of the murders at Greystone Mansion, the actions of the Los Angeles Police Department, and the Doheny Family cast doubt over whether this murder-suicide was a cruel tragedy or a fabrication to cover up a much more difficult and salacious action. Rumors of secret lovers, and evidence tampering hit the media like […]

After receiving a call to report to the Doheny Mansion, early in the morning of February 17, 1929, Detective Leslie P. White found himself at the center of a tabloid, pulp murder, filled with unaswered questions, and left dealing with police department more interested in closing the case than finding answers.

Edward “Ned” Dohey Jr. was born into one of America’s wealthiest oil families, but his life was filled with tragedy. From the death of his birth mother, to the Teapot Dome scandal that nearly ruined his family during the height of their success. Ned Doheny Jr.’s life proved that money can’t buy happiness.

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