204.1 Back to the Oscars

Written by on August 13, 2019

1986 Best Picture with Nikki O.

This week we welcome the host of Riff Laff’s newest podcast Sex With Candy, Nikki O., and Al takes our them back…in tiiime, to a year when the world was introduced to New Coke, Michael Jordan, and Calvin and Hobbes. Cory takes us behind the disaster that was the 1986 Oscars. Jeff challenges Cory for who is the biggest Back to the future fan. Meyrl Streep gets an STD in Africa, and we take a look at the highest grossing films of the year. We add a couple alternates in an effort to up stage Out of Africa. Will one of the official nominees prove to be the best, or will a 1985 snub take home belated Oscar gold? All will be revealed on Part 2.

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